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We are around some twenty five years with two branches in Eindhoven and Arnhem, the two tech hotspots of the Netherlands were a lot of expats found a job. We are around fifty people with every specialist at hand that you might need for you personal finance in the Netherlands.

Fifty people that are prepared to give you any advice you might need including help with adjacent fields like notary service or even a real estate broker. With so much experience we have seen every bump in the road and solved every hurdle you might come across.

Our expertise lies in mortgages, pensions, insurances and capital management – all related to fiscal optimisation and your special position as an expat.

Try us and find out what we can do – you’ll be positively surprised

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At buro philip van den hurk we work in flexible, English-speaking teams. You’ll meet the secretaries who coordinate, plan, arrange communication and are the first one to get in contact with. Our advisors are the ones that will analyse your personal situation and make a bespoke plan for your financial needs.

When plans are ready and kicked off, the casemanagers are involved. They are your always-available-desk, manage every dossier, meet deadlines and handled everything that might be new to you many times before.

Behind the scenes we have some more people you might not meet but are invaluable anyhow.

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our team


Joan Beek FFP, managing director, advisor, partner
Joan Beek FFP, managing director, advisor, partner06-4579 6309
Theo Bassant FFP, advisor, partner
Theo Bassant FFP, advisor, partner026-2051 028
mr. Steef van Bergeijk MFP, advisor, partner
mr. Steef van Bergeijk MFP, advisor, partner06-5021 8862
Ryan Bouwmeester FFP, advisor, partner
Ryan Bouwmeester FFP, advisor, partner 06-4111 7392
Remco Derks FFP, advisor, partner
Remco Derks FFP, advisor, partner06-1505 4615
mr. Martin Dubèl, advisor, partner
mr. Martin Dubèl, advisor, partner06-5182 1822
Sander van den Hurk FFP, advisor, partner
Sander van den Hurk FFP, advisor, partner06-5421 8107
Bob Janssen FFP, advisor, partner
Bob Janssen FFP, advisor, partner06-4893 4908
drs. Geert Jan Keijzers, advisor, partner
drs. Geert Jan Keijzers, advisor, partner06-2430 1543
John Koken FFP, advisor, partner
John Koken FFP, advisor, partner06-3064 2228
Tom van de Laar, advisor, partner
Tom van de Laar, advisor, partner06-1143 9342
Ferenc Marton EHP, advisor, partner
Ferenc Marton EHP, advisor, partner06-1098 2938
Mathijs Mast FFP, advisor, partner
Mathijs Mast FFP, advisor, partner06-5187 8468
Sharon van den Oetelaar FFP , advisor, partner
Sharon van den Oetelaar FFP , advisor, partner06-4037 5969
Wilco Rodijk FFP, advisor, partner
Wilco Rodijk FFP, advisor, partner06-5052 7327
Maarten Scheidsbach FFP RB, advisor, partner
Maarten Scheidsbach FFP RB, advisor, partner06-5245 4055
Wouter de Vreeze, advisor, partner
Wouter de Vreeze, advisor, partner06-3055 9927
Christiaan Wolters FFP, advisor, partner
Christiaan Wolters FFP, advisor, partner06-2427 9220
Tom Jansen FFP, adviseur
Tom Jansen FFP, adviseur06-1507 7306
Iwan Jolink, advisor
Iwan Jolink, advisor 06-2187 8660
Peter Lemmen, advisor
Peter Lemmen, advisor06-5389 3860


Renier Hasselman. hoofd schadeverzekeringen
Renier Hasselman. hoofd schadeverzekeringen026 - 3200 330
Derek Dubèl, casemanager
Derek Dubèl, casemanager026-2051 694
Camiel van het Hof, advisor
Camiel van het Hof, advisor026-2051 694
Ricardo Janssen, casemanager
Ricardo Janssen, casemanager026-3200 331


Kim Donker, supervisor Eindhoven
Kim Donker, supervisor Eindhoven040-2331 554
Marina Toussaint, supervisor Arnhem
Marina Toussaint, supervisor Arnhem026-3200 332
Daisy Bolder, casemanager
Daisy Bolder, casemanager026-2051 695
Femke Bosvelt, casemanager
Femke Bosvelt, casemanager026-2051 697
Sofie de Bruijn, casemanager
Sofie de Bruijn, casemanager026-3200 339
Roy Budel, casemanager
Roy Budel, casemanager026-3200 338
Jeffrey van Haren, casemanager
Jeffrey van Haren, casemanager026-3200 333
John van Looijengoed, casemanager
John van Looijengoed, casemanager026-3200 337
Nick Michiels, casemanager
Nick Michiels, casemanager040-2331 586
Daan van Nunen, casemanager
Daan van Nunen, casemanager040-2331 515
Lotte van Rooij, casemanager
Lotte van Rooij, casemanager 040-2331 520
Samel Schers FFP, casemanager
Samel Schers FFP, casemanager 040-2331 533
Kaylee van Veenendaal, casemanager
Kaylee van Veenendaal, casemanager026-2051 696
Marijn ter Voert, casemanager
Marijn ter Voert, casemanager026-2051 699


Milou van der Loo, supervisor secretary Eindhoven
Milou van der Loo, supervisor secretary Eindhoven040-2463 265
Kristel Vette, supervisor secretary Arnhem
Kristel Vette, supervisor secretary Arnhem026-2051 028
Ine Boonman, secretary
Ine Boonman, secretary040-2463 265
Jacky Peeters, secretary
Jacky Peeters, secretary040-246 3265
Lisanne Groenhof, secretary
Lisanne Groenhof, secretary026-2051 028
Judith Mandigers, human resources
Judith Mandigers, human resources040-2331 504
drs. Ingrid van Berkel, education
drs. Ingrid van Berkel, education040-2331 557
mr. Jarno Doreleijers, marketing
mr. Jarno Doreleijers, marketing040-2463 265

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